UCL Centre for Languages & International Education (CLIE)


97% of CLIE Pre-sessional students progress to their UCL degree

9 September 2021

The top three destinations this year were to the Faculty of Laws (18.6%), Social & Historical Sciences (15.6) and Engineering Sciences (14.5%).

Students chatting on the steps of the UCL portico

97% of students who studied the UCL Centre for Languages & International Education’s (CLIE) Pre-sessional English Course this summer progressed to their target UCL degree, improving on the previous year's results by 1%.

This was the second consecutive year that the Pre-sessional Course was delivered online in response to the pandemic and the course team were delighted to see another set of fantastic results.  

Fiona Wallace, Head of Pre-sessional, said: "We were very excited to deliver our bespoke online course this year, which followed a ‘flipped’ approach, providing opportunities for students to collaborate on authentic tasks in advance of meeting their teacher, and ‘equipping’ them for the classroom.The results are indicative of the commitment of our students and teachers, and the quality of the online programme."

The online Pre-sessional also received positive student feedback; an overwhelming majority said that they were satisfied with the quality of the course (96%) and felt prepared to study their subject at UCL (93%).

Students starting the Pre-sessional in 2022 will be welcomed back to campus for face-to-face teaching, in line with UCL's guidance on blending learning.