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One-page briefing notes on Crime and Security problems

JDiBrief is an online library of one-page briefing notes about crime and security problems, and analytical techniques that can be applied to understand them better. Written by experts in their field for practitioners, policy-makers and researchers, these briefs present examples of, and recommendations for, effective practice.

There is increasing recognition that decision-making in the policing and security industries – both tactical and strategic – should be rooted in knowledge, rather than opinion. With expectations on these organisations to do ‘more with less’ to reduce crime and mitigate security threats, there is a pressing need for research-informed evidence on crime, policing and security issues to be made accessible and understandable to practitioners.

JDiBrief has been created to respond to this need. Our briefing notes summarise the latest research findings on crime, policing and security issues so that practitioners have bite-size knowledge guides at their fingertips.

Analysis briefs

Analysis briefs

The analytical briefs showcase methods and techniques which can be applied to improve an understanding of crime and disorder problems


COVID-19 Special Series Papers

The JDI is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic with a series of special papers focusing on the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic for police agencies and other organisations. These are research-based papers intended to support practitioners with topical advice on current issues and to inform practitioner and policy-maker thinking. Each paper is highly specific and follows a standard format.

Crime briefs

Crime briefs

The crime briefs summarise contemporary knowledge on crime and disorder problems and review responses that may minimise the harm they cause


Security briefs

The security briefs summarise contemporary knowledge on security issues and review solutions which help to improve the way we think about - and deal with - such threats to security

Produced by the UCL Jill Dando Institute of Security and Crime Science, the briefing notes are written by staff, associates and students who are knowledgeable about ways to cut crime and increase security.  

The series editor for JDiBrief is Lisa Tompson.  To ensure the highest quality of writing the briefing notes are peer-reviewed by our Editorial Board (more details on the composition of this Board are coming soon).  We invite guest authors to produce briefing notes when new research findings become available on a topic.