UCL Jill Dando Institute of Security and Crime Science


Crime briefs

The crime briefs summarise contemporary knowledge on crime and disorder problems and review responses that may minimise the harm they cause

Each topic is written by someone with intimate knowledge of studying the crime or disorder problem, and reviewed by a member of our editorial board.  

The topics are distilled into five one-page briefs which can be read individually or as a package.  They are structured as follows:

  • The summary brief condenses all the key points onto one page;
  • The crime overview brief provides a definition of the phenomena, outlines key trends and discusses the harms caused by the behaviour;
  • The analysis brief focuses on what research and analysis has found about offenders, victims and places in relation to this crime or disorder problem; 
  • The implementing responses brief reviews what is known about responding to the crime and disorder problem (i.e. strategies and tactics for crime reduction);
  • The resources brief signposts the reader to further material and online resources that can extend the reader's knowledge of the problem.