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JDI Latin America and Caribbean Unit

The JDI Latin America and Caribbean Unit aims to support improvements in the understanding of crime and the professional development of policing in the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region.

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About us

Our ambition is to contribute to improving citizen security and the prevention of crime in LAC countries, and support the education of current and future generations of police and public security professionals. 

A unit that has a LAC focus is in recognition of our growing activities in the region and the opportunities that come from a more coordinated and dedicated approach to how we support research and professional development in LAC countries.

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The JDI LAC Unit has a particular focus towards better understanding crime in cities and across national borders, especially violent crime (including robbery, homicide, domestic violence and kidnapping), trafficking and exploitation, gangs, and organised crime. We also seek to embrace the use of technology to help support our ambitions, in particular the use of mobile devices, geographical information systems, and smart technology. The Unit is directed by Dr Spencer Chainey.

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