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JDI LAC Unit - People

Academic and teaching staff

Dr Spencer Chainey



Dr Patricio R. Estévez-Soto

Lecturer (Teaching) for Latin America and the Caribbean


Current PhD researchers

Gonzalo Croci

Research: Citizen Security in Latin America: a comparative study of the variables that affect homicides and the policies used to deter them.

gonzalo.croci.18@ucl.ac.uk · LinkedIn

Juliana Gomez-Quintero

Research: I am applying a harm assessment method to assess the harm generated by cocaine-trade in Colombia and its associated crimes. The method is based on a Risk Assessment approach. As part of the research, I am developing a taxonomy to classify crimes associated to organized crime.

juliana.gomez.18@ucl.ac.uk · LinkedIn

Alberto Nieto

Research: My research focuses on understanding the structure and characteristics of criminal networks, and how we can prevent them from spreading using networks theory and crime script analysis

alberto.nieto.18@ucl.ac.uk · Twitter

Erwin Rosas Valdez

Research: Examining Crime Patterns and Prevention Strategies Using Agent-Based Modelling.


Fabio Salvador

Research: My research examines the relationship between urban morphology elements and the locations of crime incidents. It uses statistical methods and mapping techniques on Geographic Information Systems. Results can inform the construction of safe communities.

fabio.santos.18@ucl.ac.uk · LinkedIn

José Luis Hernández-Ramírez

Research: Develop a model of Geographic Intelligence on highway robberies (for the Mexican case), based on the identification and description of spatial and temporal patterns, the criminal organization's process to committing a crime, networks of the groups, and their possible key points of operation.

j.ramirez.18@ucl.ac.uk · LinkedIn

Patricio Moreno

Research: My research is focused on exploring the Carabineros’ attitudes towards the adoption, reception of the Crime Prevention Quadrant Plan and its perception of utility as a community-oriented policing strategy.


Donia Khanegi

Research: My research examines the nexus between recreational illicit drug use and the negative societal impacts of the illicit drug trade, testing whether increased awareness of negative impacts such as violence and associated victims, encourages changes to drug related behaviours, using  data collected in England, Mexico and Uruguay.