UCL Jill Dando Institute of Security and Crime Science


JDI LAC Unit - Research

Our aim is to contribute to the existing research base on crime and security issues in Latin America and the Caribbean.

We do this two key ways:

  • PhD research – through a coordinated activity of research that provides the means for examining certain aspects of crime and citizen security in detail, and determining implications for practice from the findings
  • Dedicated research – dedicating resources to specific areas of research we have identified that require development or that we have been approached to support.

PhD research

More information about our postgraduate research degrees (MPhil and PhD) can be found in the website of the Department of Security and Crime Science.

Meet our current PhD researchers.

Dedicated research

The JDI LAC Unit aims to contribute to the existing research base by developing research directly from UCL and in collaboration with universities and research institutes from the LAC region.

Our key focus is to support research that:

  • Better understands crime in cities and across national borders.
  • Improves our understanding of violent crime (including robbery, homicide, domestic violence and kidnapping) and how it can be prevented.
  • Improves our understanding of trafficking and the exploitation of people (including sexual exploitation and modern day slavery) and how these issues can be tackled
  • Identifies ways to help tackle the issues associated with gangs and countering organised crime.

    Additionally, we seek to develop research that identifies ways in which technology can be embraced to help support our ambitions, in particular the use of mobile devices, geographical information systems, and smart technology.