Information Services Division


Tips to improve accessibility

  1. Always give an image a title or 'alt tag/text'.
  2. Make sure all links consist of meaningful text

    1. never use 'click here', 'more' etc. as these are not words that people would type into a Search Engine... nor are they meaningful when heard by someone listening to a web page!
    2. always choose keywords for links; the kind of words people would use in a Search Engine!
  3. Always use a Title and use headings where relevant.
  4. Use heading styles in the correct order i.e. from the largest to the smallest.

    1. So don't mix them up - this confuses people using software that reads out pages to them.
  5. Always give tables a heading - without a heading someone using software that reads out a web page doesn't know what the table is about.
  6. All videos should have captions.
  7. All files that are attached should be in PDF format and when the title of the document is typed, it should always include (pdf) and this should be part of the link e.g.

    1. keyword keyword (pdf)
  8. Be careful with colours. Always use recommended UCL colours, and make sure you test contrast between text and background with different users.
  9. Check out your images - if they have a specific purpose - in the colour-blindness checker. It will show you how an image is viewed by people with different types of colour-blindness.

    1. 8% of all males suffer from some form of colour-blindness
  10. Avoid italics as this is not helpful for people with dyslexia, nor is over-using bold.

Any other suggestions? Please email web-support@ucl.ac.uk