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UCL Voicemail System

UCL currently offers voice mail boxes for users of UCL extensions. These are very useful for taking messages when you are away from your desk.

You do not need any equipment in your office and the quality of recorded messages is generally superior to that on most answering machines. Voice mail boxes are ordered through your departmental telecoms contact in the same way as installation work. The Telecoms team will advise who the contact is in your department.

Email requesting voicemail facility to Telecoms should include the full User Name, Department, Extension Number, Email and Location and we will set up the system to make the voicemail live, we will also need authorisation by your line manager to action the request. We undertake to create new voice mail boxes within 48 hours of receiving the request. 

Accessing Voicemail Messenger

Just dial 37000 from your standard desk phone, or press the Messages button on your VoIP phone, or dial 020 7679 7000 from your mobile.

  • When you are asked for your user ID enter your five digit extension number followed by # key using the buttons on your phone.
  • When you are asked for your PIN, enter it using the buttons on your phone.
  • Your PIN will initially be set to 0000, the first time you log in you will be required to change it.
  • You are then told if you have new messages.

Now you can listen to and manage your voicemails.

Listening to Messages

When somebody leaves you a message, the light on your desk phone lights or the phone will tinkle, and next time you call Messenger+ it will tell you that you have a new message.. Note that when you log into Messenger+ you may be required to record new a voicemail greeting before you can listen to your messages.

To listen to new messages 

Log into the system as described, the first new message will be read to you automatically.

To listen to old or saved messages

Log on as described above, then press 3 for saved messages or press 4 for old messages.

To Record Your Own Voicemail Greeting

Log on as described in accessing voicemail, then press 5

To record a temporary greeting press 1, or 2 to record a personal greeting.

Begin speaking your greeting when you are prompted to.

When you have finished recording your greeting press # to stop the recording.

The greeting you have recorded is played to you. To save the greeting press 4

Access Voicemail Through Portal

Using a web browser go to Voicemail user.

Log on using your ID (your desk extension number) and PIN (initially set to 0000).

The first time you log in it is important to check the following details:

  • Your messaging settings are correct (Click on Settings and in the Messaging menu).
  • To work with your messages, click on Inbox, Saved or Deleted from the Messaging menu on the left-hand side of the page.
  • Full online help is available by clicking Help at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

When listening to a voicemail message you can:

  • Rewind 10 seconds by pressing 7, you can also press 9 to go forward 10 seconds.
  • Repeat a message by pressing 2.
  • Hear message details by pressing 8.
Voicemail Menu


The voicemails left on your extension could be forwarded to email.

Please follow the below guide to configure your voicemail to forward to email.

Voicemail to Email [PDF]