Information Services Division


Moving Extensions and Changing Features on UCL Telephone Systems

Moving extensions within a department or across rooms or buildings requires official departmental authorisation. Changing International Dialing Access also requires authorisation.

  • Changes to dialling facilities, or call forwarding.
  • Swapping the position of two existing extensions. We undertake to effect such changes within 24 hours of receiving the request. Frequently it will be done much more quickly.
  • Moving an extension to another existing unused socket or to a place where no socket exists.
  • Installation of new extensions. We undertake to effect such changes within seven working days of receiving the request, except for at the busiest time of the year (mid- August to mid-October) when up to twelve working days should be allowed. You can usually keep the same extension number when you are moving within a building or on the same site. However, if you move to a different part of college it may not be possible. If you need to check, please email your request to Telecoms team.
  • Major alterations, involving the moving or installation of large numbers of extensions. Such instances are always known about well in advance. In cases where the moves are associated with significant building works, please liaise with the building Project officer. In other cases please give us as much notice as possible, preferably not less than one month. All Institutes and Biomedical Faculties should pass these large moves via their local FBS/AISC team, details can be found here: ISD-IT-for-SLMS-Contact.