Information Services Division


Mobile Telephone Services Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What if the information I have been sent is incorrect?

We are aware that some of the information will be out of date – it is important that you let  us know as soon as possible and we can correct the errors for the next billing cycle.

You have people listed who are not in my department or who have left– what should I do?

Please let us know as it is important that we find out if phones are no longer needed. By telling us about inaccuracies in our information you could help UCL save money.

I am not responsible for mobiles in my department – why have I been contacted?

UCL Finance have suggested that the only people who should order mobile phones are departmental administrators or equivalent and that is why we have contacted you. If you are not the correct person, please do let us know.

I've contacted Abzorb with an issue but I'm not happy with the response or I didn't get a suitable solution, what do I do now?

ISD Telephony Services has a keen interest in making sure we get a brilliant service from our contractors, please let us know and we can investigate the issue on your behalf. Email the Telecoms Team here.


I usually claim for my phone on expenses – how would it work with the new process?

Once your existing contract has expired, your DA can set up a new one with Vodafone.

Can I keep my old handset if I move over to the new process?

Yes, you can keep your existing handset

Can I have a new handset when I move to the new process?

Approval for new handsets will not change – this will be approved via the usual channels

Where can I choose my new handset?

Some departments have a standard handset so your phone will be chosen for you.  Please see Unified Voice for more information. Approval of your handset will be via the usual channels.

How can I view my phone bill via the new process?

You will be sent a username and password so that you can log in to view your bill via the billing portal.

How long will it take for me to receive my new phone?

Once the order has been approved, it is sent out within 24 hours.

Are there user guides to explain how to use the new portals?

Yes – please see below.