Information Services Division


Summary of Number Ranges in Use

Correct as of 04/01/2012

CUCM Available Range is currently: (0207679 9000-9080 and 0207679 9082-9899) 09000-09080 and 09082-09899. Other ranges will be made available use CUCM demand on numbers increases.

Other ranges in use for CUCM but restricted for general use are 53800-53873 and 53874-53909. Current use of 59xxx ranges should not be extended.

  Main A
51000-51999 Full Range   Notes
  51000-51999 General TDM    
  51200-51299 C3 System    
  51300-51899 General TDM    
  51900-51999 VIP Mobility Numbers   These numbers are routed directly to the VIP system
  Main B
54000-54999 Full Range    
  54000-54999 General TDM use    
  Torrington Place
53000-53999 Full Range    
  53000-53599 General TDM Use    
  53600-53999 Allocation 53800-53873 Routed to CUCM
      53874-53909 CASA 90 Tottenham Court Road
52000-52999 Full Range    
  52000-52399 General TDM Use    
  52400-52999 Reserved for ICH    
55000-55999 Full Range    
  55900-55999 Bartlett Energy CH   Routed from CIB to CH for iSDXm
  55000-55899 General TDM Use    
56000-56999 Full Range    
  IPT Ranges
57000-57999 Not in Use    
  58000-58999 Not in Use    
  59000-59997 Allocation 59700-59996 ISD
      59000-59699 General IPT Allocation