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Dispose of IT equipment securely

dispose of it equipment
Disposing of UCL IT assets 

All UCL IT assets needs to be recorded when they are being disposed. You will need to go through a series of tasks to make sure that the data is destroyed and software removed before disposing.

See our Disposal of IT equipment for UCL IT assets for more information.

Disposing of personal IT assets

When you're finished with your old PC, Mac or laptop, don't just throw it in the rubbish. Make sure you safely remove any personal data on your computer's hard drive before getting it properly recycled.

It's not enough to just delete old files. Your personal information will still be retrievable on your computer’s hard drive unless you take steps to wipe the hard drive clean. If you don’t, anyone with recovery software could access your files and put the security of your personal information at risk.

Read our Erasing data securely from storage media advice for more information.