Information Services Division


Software policy FAQs

Why are UCL doing this?

The objective of this policy is to ensure that the UCL meets its legal and contractual obligations, obtains good value for money, and operates effectively and securely in the licensing, purchasing and management of software.

How is this being monitored?

ISD will run reports within MyFinance and compare with the licence management database. ISD will supply a management tool to monitor software use on computers However, if your department already has one you can use that.

How does this affect me?

ISD will work with academic departments to identify an individual who will be responsible for effective software license control within the department. This will typically be the local IT Manager, IT Rep or DA and they will be responsible for authorising the installation of software on a departmental device.

A software liaison staff member will need to be identified for each department and their responsibility will be to:

  • Add licenses to the database.
  • Keep the licence information up to date.
  • Transfer licenses when no longer required.
  • Ensure the department is compliant.
  • Store software media centrally.
If a department does not have a trusted individual that department will need to purchase all their software via ISD.


I have bought a licence with my personal funds, can I use this on UCL devices?

This will depend on the licence agreements, please check with us before installing.

I have bought a software licence and I don't have anyone in the department to record it what should I do?

Send the licence details to us, and we will record the details.

I want to add the Monitoring tool onto our department's devices?

If you contact us we will be able to advise. If your department already has the tool we will put you in contact with the owner, otherwise we will discuss setting the tool up within the department.

How do we handle applications bought from Android/Apple and windows stores?

We will purchase this software for you and record the details, if you have purchased the software please send us the details.

My research group/department is novating to another university what do I with software?

Contact us and we will remove the software from the software management database and give advice on ensuring the software is novated correctly depending on the licence agreement.

Why would we be audited?

ISD would only audit after reviewing the risk according to the UCL risk policy and discussions between ISD and the department.

Should I stop purchasing software within my department?
  • No but if you do and have no one within your department to add the software to the Software Management Database please contact us.
  • We are also always happy to procure software for you.
I don't understand if I am responsible for the software on a machine

If you install software you are responsible for making sure it is used in accordance with the licence agreement. To be explicit, you are responsible if:

  • You install software on a UCL machine you use.
  • You install UCL software on a personal machine.
  • You install software on a UCL owned shared machine.
  • You work in IT and you install software on a UCL owned machine that others will use.
  • You receive a UCL owned machine from another user with software you installed.
  • The System Custodian will be responsible if the computer comes from IT with software already installed.