Information Services Division


Contact the ISD IT Supplier and Management team

Software Database

We provide support for the products listed on the software database on a best efforts basis. If we cannot fix an issue within a reasonable amount of time, or the vendor of the application cannot resolve the problem, we will recommend that you use the application on our supported Desktop @ UCL Anywhere service. We will not be able to provide any further support.

How-to guides

Solutions to issues may already be documented on the ISD website. Have you tried the how-to guides to fix your software issue?

Serial numbers

Are you looking for a new serial key for an expiring product? These are normally added to the UCL Software Database.

Installation issues

For installation issues please contact ISD IT Services.

Quotes and licensing

Please email isd-itpurchasing if your requests and queries relate to:

  • Hardware quotes and orders (not including personal purchases)
  • Software license orders and quotes
  • Software licensing issues

We aim to respond to all tickets within 24 hours.


In case of emergencies, you can call 02076799275