Information Services Division


Ordering FAQs

Q How do I order software?
AThere are two ways to order software, full instructions are available
Q I want to buy a product that is similar to a product UCL already supplies, is that OK?
AIf the product is the same as a product we already have then you should buy the product UCL already uses, unless there is a good business case. For example UCL has agreement with F-Secure for their anti virus product and buying yourself a different anti virus product because you have used it in the past is not beneficial to UCL.
Q How long will my order take? 
Your order should take no more than 10 days and in most cases quicker.
Q Does ISD add any charges to process my order and deliver it to my desk. 
There are no additional charges for this service. We just cover costs.
QI need the software urgently can I come and pick up the software from you?
AYes you can, but please contact us to ensure we have a copy of the software in stock.