Information Services Division


HP support and warranty


If your equipment develops a fault call:

  • 0800 917 7241 (PIN: 80505) – UK
  • 1800 818 127 (PIN: 80505) – Ireland

When calling for support, always remember PTSF:

  • Problem – Be clear about the problem or issue what is happening and when and is it effect one unit or several etc.
  • Test – What tests have been run BIOS Memory & HDD did they pass or fail if fail what was the error code there are maybe other test you have carried out.
  • Swaps – Was anything swapped during troubleshooting if so be clear about what was action and result.
  • Fix – What is needed a CSR part? Offsite Collection? Onsite Visit for CSR be clear about what part include detail if you have it example 320GB HDD where you want the event to take place for example. 


You can check up to 20 devices at a time using the HP Customer Support - Product Warranty Check.