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MFD 7855 - Troubleshooting

MFD 7855 - Paper Jam Clearance

NOTE: To avoid damage, always remove misfed media carefully, without tearing it. Try to remove the paper in the direction that the paper would normally feed. Any piece of media left in the printer, whether large or small, can obstruct the media path and cause further misfeeds. Do not reload media that has misfed.

CAUTION: Do not use warm water or cleaning solvents to remove Toner (Dry Ink) from your skin or clothing. This will set the Toner and make it difficult to remove. If any Toner gets on your skin or clothing, use a brush to remove the Toner, or wash it off with cold water and mild soap.

For additional product and material safety information, click on the [Xerox Environment, Health and Safety] link under the Product Resources section of this window.

WARNING: The Fuser Assembly and surrounding area may become hot during operation. To avoid injury, be careful while working in this area.

1.  If necessary, remove paper from the Top Left Tray, and then fold up the tray.


2. Open the Bypass Tray (Paper Tray 5), located on the left side of the printer, by rotating it outward.


3. Lift up on the release lever on the Top Left Cover A to open the cover.


4. Open the Left Tray and then open the Top Left Cover D. CAUTION: Do not touch the Transfer Belt. This could reduce image quality or damage the belt. Do not touch the Transfer Roller. This could reduce image quality.


5. Remove any jammed paper in this area. If the paper is torn, remove all torn pieces from the printer.

Paper Jam - 5

6. Close Cover D, and then close Cover A.

7. Close the Bypass Tray.

If you require further assistance, please call the IT Services between 08:30 and 17:30 on ext 25000 or 020 7679 5000 or via email: IT Services

MFD 7855 - Load Paper into Trays 1,2,3, & 4

1. Open the required paper tray.


2. If necessary, move the paper edge guides further out to load the new paper. To adjust the guides, pinch the guide lever on each guide and slide them to the new position. To secure the guides in position, release the levers.


3. Before loading paper into the paper trays, fan the edges to separate any sheets of paper that are stuck together and reduce the possibility of paper jams. NOTE: To avoid paper jams and misfeeds, do not remove paper from its packaging until necessary.





4. Load the paper with the side to be printed on face-up in the tray against the left side. Do not load paper above the maximum fill line.

5. For pre-punched, letterhead and preprinted stock:

o Place the side to be printed first (page 1) face-down.

o Place pre-punched paper with the holes toward the left side of the tray.

o Place letterhead (or the top of the page) toward the front of the tray.

o Place preprinted toward the front of the tray. NOTE: These instructions are correct and up to date and may contradict what is in the User Guide.





6. Adjust the paper edge guides so they just touch the edges of the paper stack.

7. Close the paper tray.

8. Select the [Confirm] button on the Touch Screen to exit if the information is correct. If the information is incorrect:

a. Select the [Change Settings] button.

b. Select the correct size, type and color.

c. Select the [Save] button.

d. Select the [Confirm] button.

If you require further assistance, please call the IT Services between 08:30 and 17:30 on ext 25000 or 020 7679 5000 or via email: IT Services