Information Services Division


Wired Halls of Residence

Why am I here?

You are here because you have connected your device to a wired socket in your room. 

This is not yet a supported service! ISD Service Desk may be unable to help. However, we can provide you with a bit of self-help.

My device supports 802.1x Authentication (e.g. PC or Laptop running Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X or Linux).

  • To authenticate you need 802.1x enabled. On Apple this is automatically enabled. On Windows, you need to start the Wired AutoConfig service (Start > search for Services > select the Services (Local) node > double-click the Wired AutoConfig service > set Startup Type to Automatic > select the Start button). 
  • When your PC is connected to the wired port, you will be prompted for a user name and password. This is your UCL user ID which is provided on the front of your registration slip and must be appended with @ucl.ac.uk (e.g. ucxxzano@ucl.ac.uk).
  • The Wired service uses similar technology to the eduroam Wi-Fi service. As such, the eduroam documentation may be of help. Please refer to the eduroam web pages.

My device does not support 802.1x Authentication (e.g. Sony Playstation, Microsoft XBox).

To connect your device, please send your MAC address, Hall name and Room number to the ISD Service Desk (https://www.ucl.ac.uk/isd/help).

The following links provide information on how to find your MAC address (*** these pages can only be viewed from a device with an existing Internet connection ***):