Information Services Division


Halls Network connection FAQs


The Access Point LED's keep me awake at night. Is this being addressed?

In the none-to-distant future we are either going to permanently disable the LED’s or schedule disabling the LED’s at night (e.g. off from 9pm to 9am). 

Is Wi-Fi bad for my health/ I don't want a Wi-Fi Access Point close to me whilst I'm sleeping.

The Guardian newspaper has a useful article "Wi-Fi: are there any health risks?" which generally comes up with the short answer of no. However, this is an opinionated article and there are a plethora of academic papers and studies on the Internet concerning Wi-Fi health risks. If you are concerned, all we ask is for you to read what is available and draw your own conclusions. If you still feel the health risks outweigh the benefits please let us know. 

The Access Point has two physical (UTP) ports, are these enabled?

Yes, but this is not yet a supported service, so please do not contact the ISD IT Services.

You will need to change some settings if you are using a PC, but you’ll be provided with some instructions on what to do once you plug in.