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Media Equipment Loan and Support Service

To assist with the blended learning approach and continuing plan for online teaching at UCL, from November 2nd 2020, ISD Digital Media will offer an enhanced Media Equipment loan service for staff

 ISD Media Equipment Loan Service for UCL academic staff

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About the service

The ISD Digital Media team is now managing an enhanced media equipment loan service for academic staff who need to create media content to support their teaching and research output. The number and type of items available are constantly changing as we source new products.

If you wish to use the service then in the first instance please contact the Digital Media team via email to discuss your requirements or click on the above link.

Our equipment comes in a handy carry case which includes, power supply for the camera, memory card, battery charger, battery, remote control, and all the necessary leads to connect to your computer. We try and combine items into kits which will include a microphone, tripod, and a LED light as required. You will see on each page a link to product information and also you can follow a link to the user guide or manual. For some items links are provided to software apps that you can use with the product.

The team will happily advise on the best solution for your needs and will offer tips on video and audio recording, and if you have very specific kit requirements, the team has extensive knowledge and have great relationships with our suppliers, with the ability to purchase many items with an educational discount. If you wish to purchase any items we are happy to assist you in this process.

If you need assistance or advice when purchasing any items, we are happy to help you through this process. 

IOE staff requiring equipment should contact the IT for IOE Media Services team who operate a similar service, see IOE media services page for further information.

Our Location

The team will operate the service from the Cruciform Building, and collections and returns can be made from Room B.3.09 which is along the same corridor as Cruciform Lecture Theatre 1.

Opening hours will initially be from 11:00 am to 3:30 pm on Mondays and Thursdays, and an appointment time will be mandatory to ensure all safety conditions can be met. During the November lockdown, the service will be restricted and may not be available, but we will try our utmost to assist all staff where we can, and depending on when the current covid wave subsides, it is our intention to increase the level of availability.

Booking Equipment

Bookings must be made two days in advance and currently, loans are for either 3 days Monday to Thursday, or 4 days Thursday to Monday. To book equipment and a slot for collection, contact the team by clicking on the bar below. You must return items on the day and time agreed as there is only a limited amount of items available and other users may wish to loan the stock after the quarantine period.

Once your booking is confirmed you must consider this as an appointment, if you miss this we may have difficulty in offering you another time slot. When borrowing any item of our loan stock you will be expected to take full responsibility for this item and return it in the same condition it was loaned to you in. Departments will be charged for any missing or broken items.

If you require technical support whilst loaning the equipment this can be done remotely if required, or please state you need assistance when booking and we will where possible allow extra time to discuss.

Booking Equipment Form (Microsoft Forms)

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Operating during the pandemic

Whilst we are in the current lockdown period running the service is dependent upon a number of factors which are out of our control, wherever possible we will try to provide users with the equipment they may wish to use but clearly this cannot be guaranteed. Always email the team to make a request and to confirm bookings. Our contact email is digitalmedia@ucl.ac.uk

This service will operate in a Covid safe manner and there are strict rules around the collection, use, and return of equipment. There is, therefore, a level of proactivity required to allow us to run the service in the current climate and so that we conform with Covid regulations, this is to ensure all equipment is quarantined and then cleaned for a minimum of 72 hours before being offered for loaning out again. 

You will enter the Cruciform through the buildings main entrance, please show your ID to security upon entry and use the hand sanitising points. Please avoid using the lift if possible and use the stairs to the basement. If there is a queue please ensure that you always keep 2 metres apart from others and follow the floor markings where ever possible.

Note 1: Face masks are required to be worn whilst in the Cruciform Building.

Note 2: Lavalier Microphones and voice recorders are currently unavailable due to the difficulty in ensuring they are clean and safe to use between loans. Shotgun microphones, windshields, stands and Boom Poles are available.


Video Equipment

Image of lecturer in a classroom being filmed
Equipment includes camcorders, cameras, and action cameras. 

More information can be found on the video equipment loans page for more information.

Audio Equipment

Image of a microphone against a blurred colourful background
Audio recording equipment, microphones, and accessories.

More information can be found on the audio equipment loans page


Lighting for video

Image of room with video light and camera
LED Lights, 3 kit lights, on-camera lights, stands, and accessories

Information can be found on the lighting for video page

Specialist Items

Image of man holding a gimbal with a smartphone filming himself
Backgrounds, Tripods, items for use with mobile devices, and gimbals to avoid shaky video. 

Information on the items available can be found on the specialist items for media loan page

Terms of service

Colourful image of a video lens from the front
Before using the service it's best to understand the terms under which you will agree to. 

The Information is provided on the terms of service page

Help, advice, and assistance

Charming young African man in shirt showing digital camera and telling something while making a video
The Digital Media team are happy to advise and help you when creating your content. If you need to know how to operate a camera or make an audio recording then contact the team via email