Information Services Division


Software Usage Reporting on Desktop@UCL and Sync and Share

UCL uses a software asset management system to report on software usage and ensure software licence compliance on the Desktop @ UCL and Sync and Share services.

This System allows ISD to remotely identify and monitor the following information on the Desktop @ UCL and Sync and Share services:

  • Software used on each machine
  • Software used by each user
  • Software that hasn’t been used for a period of time
  • Machine specifications
  • Software licenses on each machine and by each user
  • All Software bought for UCL from IT Purchasing

Why do we do this?

UCL has a duty to abide by its software vendor’s licence conditions and to eliminate the risk of becoming non-compliant.

The benefits of recording this information are:

  • Minimise over spend on software licences by ensuring the current number of licences are purchased.
  • ISD can ensure software upgrades take place at a time when the application is least used, to minimise disruption.
  • ISD can ensure the correct software is available for those who need it.
  • Ensure UCL has the correct licenses for all software used.

Please note that this product is not used to monitor work undertaken within an application, just that the application is being used. We will not be monitoring websites browsed or documents you have written.