Information Services Division


File sharing & collaboration tools

If you want to share files or collaborate with others, the following tools are available to you.

Filestore @ UCL S: drive

Probably the easiest way to share files within a team is to create a shared area on the S: drive. There is a large amount of space here that can be made accessible for sharing. Once the shared folder is set up access to the folder is enabled by the IT Services. To ensure the access is appropriate the IT Services will need authorisation from the departmental coordinator.


  • Easy to set up.
  • 200GB of storage allocated initially.
  • Regularly backed up.
  • Additional storage up to 50TB can be purchased.
  • Ability to recover deleted/overwritten files within 90 days.
  • Anti-virus/malware protection applied automatically.


  • Can only be used for sharing within a department.
  • No external (outside UCL) access.

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If you need to share content with students then Moodle is probably your best option at UCL. It has a lot of features which you can find out more about in the Moodle section of this site.


  • Great set of tools for sharing content.
  • Allows group work and participation.
  • Allows online submission of work.


  • Maybe over the top if all you want to do is share some files.

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Wikis are great for creating structures of articles on subjects in a similar way to Wikipedia.


  • Good for building a knowledge base for a course, project or service.
  • create simple, flexible  group-authored web pages.


  • you cannot upload files larger than 10Mb.
  • not a good file store - better to use the S: drive for staff.

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UCL Drop Box

UCL Dropbox is a tool which replaces the need to send an attachment via email, or even faxing or mailing a document. You simply upload a file from your computer to a central location, and the recipient(s) are simultaneously notified by email that you wish to share a file with them.

UCL Drop Box should not be confused with the commercial product Dropbox.


  • Great for sending large attachments that are too big for your email client.
  • Can send to and receive from external contacts.


  • No good for long term storage as files are only held for 10 days.
  • No good for sharing documents between multiple authors as there is no file versioning or tracking.

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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a communication & collaboration tool which provides a number of features.


  • Can be used on or off campus
  • External users can be included
  • Allows real-time collaboration on files
  • Hold video calls and present your desktop or selected applications


  • Sharing information is quick and easy therefore users need to be mindful that they are sharing information appropriately

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