Information Services Division


Audiovisual Service projects

The Spaces and AV team provide leadership and expertise in learning space design to facilitate learning and teaching.

Example of a refurbished learning space…

We represent the needs and interests of teaching staff and students on space-related projects within the Information Services Division (ISD) and UCL Estates. The team is based with the Digital Education team to ensure that physical and digital learning environments are developed holistically, and that services are aligned with strategic educational needs.

We work collaboratively with other UCL teams to propose and direct the refurbishments of centrally-bookable teaching spaces. We monitor the current quality of the UCL learning and teaching spaces provision and welcome feedback and comments from the UCL community.

Our involvement in capital projects

The Spaces & AV team provide two distinct inputs for UCL’s capital projects:

  1. Teaching space design: Expertise in the design and conception of teaching space, the alignment of space design to different pedagogies and best practice in the use of technology (including technologies beyond AV) in teaching spaces.
  2. AV design and implementation:  production of detailed AV designs and specification, running AV procurements, overseeing installation and sign-off of completed systems.

The following diagram shows how Spaces & AV team involvement should ideally be mapped to RIBA stages:

Audiovisual Services RIBA stages

The teaching space design service requires involvement in capital projects at RIBA stage 2 (Royal Institute of British 
Architects). The AV design and implementation service requires engagement running from RIBA stage 3 through to 6.