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UCL Application Store launch - 24 April 2024

24 April 2024

The UCL Application Store, powered by AppsAnywhere and Numecent Cloudpaging, is a new way to access university software on desktop@ucl computers. The UCL Application Store, is an online app store-like platform designed to make finding and accessing university software easier. 

screenshot of desktop@UCL app store

As part of the UCL Application Store rollout, we will be deploying the AppsAnywhere and Cloudpaging software to all staff desktop@UCL computers. You may notice a new shortcut appear on your Desktop:

image of ucl desktop App Store icon

The AppsAnywhere and Cloudpaging software will be automatically installed on staff desktop@UCL computers (you may see a Windows notification confirming that the Cloudpaging Player software is successfully running).

As well as staff desktop@UCL computers, some of the applications will also be available to run on departmental managed or personal devices. The availability of applications depends on factors such as licensing restrictions, device type, operating system, and location.  

The UCL Application Store will be available to staff using desktop@UCL computers from the end of April 2024. By September 2024 the service will be made available to students.

More information on the UCL Application Store