Information Services Division


Professional Printing (CATS Print)

CATS print will no longer be available for on-site, IDT-based printing.


For instantaneous printing, We’d encourage colleagues to use the Print@UCL service - accessible from your desktop and now operational across the whole of the IOE.

Print@UCL is set up for all general printing from your computer or mobile device (such as papers for teaching, meetings etc. up to a reasonably large volume) and the machines can collate booklets and staple packs together if you configure this with your print job. A guide is here and ISD staff are able to assist should you have any queries (servicedesk@ucl.ac.uk).

It’s worth noting that we are an extremely print-heavy organisation - on average last year we printed approximately 375 sheets per person, per week! If you can therefore avoid printing and try to make use of alternative methods to get your message across - such as the screens in meeting rooms, our colleagues in UCL Sustainability will thank us, as will the planet.

For all non-standard printing, there is a UCL approved print suppliers list that it is important to access, and UCL Procurement have agreed that CATS can sit within this framework until the point it is renewed (at which point they will have opportunity to tender).

The framework is important, since printers who we have selected to be included on it have been through a rigorous process to prove to UCL that they are responsible with the substantial sums we give them each year. They demonstrate this by meeting demanding environmental standards, and paying their staff a good wage, so although the procedure below may seem clunky, it’s there not just to ensure financial efficacy but to ensure that UCL remains a responsible global citizen.

To access specialist print services, please follow the following steps (also outlined on the intranet Purchasing page):

  • Visit the UCL procurement website and use the quote link to obtain a quote from our preferred suppliers (three quotes should be obtained for any orders over £5,000)
  • Check with the budget holder if there is sufficient funding to cover the printing work
  • Raise a PO on UCL MyFinance system
  • Once this is approved, provide the supplier with the PO number and they can proceed with the job.Quotes will be required for all orders and should be received before placing an order.

Please contact Sharon Grozda, Purchasing Officer, at s.grozda@ucl.ac.uk if you have any queries on the above information.