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Mac@UCL: How to use Mac computers in student cluster rooms

Mac @ UCL is the Mac OS desktop service available on the computers in Student Cluster Rooms.

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Logging in to a Mac @ UCL PC in a computer workroom or lecture theatre

1. When logging into a Desktop @ UCL computer, you will be presented with an initial policy acknowledgement pop up. Press Enter or click on the screen to commence logging in.

2. Read the Monitoring Policy and click OK

Important: By clicking OK and proceeding to log in, you are confirming you are authorised to use this system and you will abide by the UCL Information Security Policy

3a. Enter your UCL username and password and click the arrow button to log in to computers in libraries and other student spaces.

Mac@UCL log in screen

If you are unable to log into the Desktop @ UCL terminal using your UCL ID, then please contact the IT Services for support.

Navigating the Mac OS desktop


Key Classroom Applications will have a shortcut available on the Mac OS dock.

Mac@UCL Dock


The spotlight search functionality will allow you to search for any application or file that is installed on the computer.

Please use the keyboard shortcut Command + Spacebar or press the magnifying glass, in the top right corner.

Mac@UCL Spotlight window

Logging off

Select Account Settings > Log off, to log off the computer when you have finished using it.

Please DO NOT shut the computer down when you have finished using it. By signing out rather than shutting down, the computer will be readily available for the next user

Mac@UCL Apple menu


The Finder (file explorer) is used to locate any files or applications you may require.

Mac@UCL Finder

Web Browser

Some commonly used web browsers such as Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox are already pinned to the Dock.

Google Chrome is UCL’s default browser.

Mac@UCL available web browsers

Sound and system preferences

Click on the System Preferences to access some of your computer settings (please note some settings are not user accessible).

Mac@UCL Apple menu

Click on the sound icon to manage the sound settings for your computer.

Home and Common Drives

Known internally as N: Drive (home) and S: Drive (common), these drives are centrally hosted hard drive spaces.

Mac@UCL N and S drive desktop icons

N: Drive (home)

N: is only accessible by the user.

Mac@UCL N (home) drive

If you do not see your home drive on log on, please in the first instance reboot the computer and if you are still presented with an empty folder, please contact Support.

S: Drive (common)

Group Folders refer to the Shared S: Drive and is departmental storage e.g shared storage for teams.

Mac@UCL S (group) drive

Missing Files

Should you be unable to locate a file in your home folder perhaps due to it being incorrectly deleted or else because of a revision error, please contact IT Services who will be able to raise a ticket to our Storage Teams to retrieve any missing files and restore them to your home folder.

Print @ UCL

Print @ UCL follow me printing will automatically be mapped to the Mac you are using on logon.

The print queue will appear as below:

Mac@UCL Printers & Scanners settings

If asked by the application you are using to select a Print queue then please select Print @ UCL.

Mac@UCL select print queue

If presented with a request for a user name and password, please enter your UCL user name and password.

Application Support

Application installation

Your Mac has been pre installed with the applications your department requested when the computer was deployed. However if you discover that you are missing any applications, please contact your local IT support and then they will arrange for the application to be installed, pending any purchasing/licencing and packaging requirements.

Application-specific support

If you require any application specific support, such as ‘how to’s for applications used in your course, then please contact your departmental administrator who will direct you to a support contact if available.

Self Service

Some additional applications and self service fixes are available in an application pinned to your dock named Jamf Self Service.

Mac@UCL Jamf Self Service icon

Here you will be able to find and install and applications that either you or the computer you are using are licenced for.

Similarly you may be able to resolve issues such as print errors using this portal.

Mac@UCL Self Service portal


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