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List Users in Your Department using the Computer Reps Tool

This guide is aimed at

  • IT for support staff


1. To list users in your department:

2. Connect to the Computer Reps Tools

3. Log in using the option on the left-hand menu.

4. The left-hand menu will now have additional functions for Reps. Select the List Users option.

5. Select the type of users to display (Staff, Students, Visitors)

6. Select whether you want to see Current, Past or Future people or if you wish to display only a sub-category of people (e.g. only honoraries or only post-graduates).

7. Select Get Data >>

A list of people in your department(s) will be displayed.

Status of a user's computer account is indicated by the right-hand column:

You can now use the following options:

  • Filter the list (useful to find an individual or a specific department).
  • Display further information for a user: use the green button to left of the entry to expand.


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