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How to use Minitab Off Site

This guide explains how to use Minitab off site by borrowing a licence for a period of time

Before you start...

Install Minitab with this guide


1. Once you have installed the software, you now need to download the Borrowing file.

2. When the download is complete double click on the file and extract to a location you will remember.

3. Now go to the location you extracted the file and double click on the file called Borrow.

4. Select a specific Date that this licence will be returned please do not choose more than a week.
5. Click Borrow License and the writing at the top will change to licence borrows until ....
6. You can now take the software away to work with.

You can only use the Software away from UCL until the date you have entered in the Borrow Utility, after this date Minitab will not work off site any more.

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