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UCL Software Database: Downloading software

This guide shows you how to download software from the software database that you have licence permission to use.


Software is available for the three most popular operating systems, Windows, Mac OS and Linux/Unix. The software installation packages are in variety of formats, an executable file, a dmg file for Mac’s or an iso image file. In order to install the latter onto Windows you need to install Virtual drive software, we recommend you use MagicDisc, or other Virtual drive software of your choice. You may also burn the disk image to a CD or DVD, although we discourage this because, in many cases, you will also need to ensure all copyright messages and logos are added to the disk.

If you burn a temporary disk to enable you to install the software (Windows Upgrade) please destroy the disk afterwards.

Before you start…


1. To download a package click on the Downloads tab of your chosen package and choose the download you are entitled to.

Software Download…

Fig 1 – example of the download options for ArcGIS software

Please note: This is simply a new way of obtaining software. It does not change any licensing arrangements. You are responsible for reading the licenses and ensuring that you comply with the terms and conditions.

If the software has to be purchased prior to downloading then you will get a message saying

“You are not authorised to download this software. Please see the terms and conditions in the licence section”

This means that you do not have a license for this software, so are not authorised to download it. If you would like to purchase a license you should click on the Licenses tab to get details on how to purchase a license for use at UCL or at home.

Alternatively if there are no downloads available for the software you will get a message saying

“No Downloads are available. Please check the licence section for more information”

You should check the licenses tab to see why there are no downloads available for you and further instructions.

We recommend you look at the installation and system requirement documents before downloading installing the packages to see if your computer will be capable of running the application.

2. To download the package you are licensed for click Download

You will then be presented with the download screen:

Software download Information…

Fig 2 – Download screen for the selected file

3. Read the terms and conditions and agree to them by ticking the tick box

4. Click Download

5. You will then be asked if you want to open or save the file

Please note: If you choose to burn the software to a CD or DVD created from a file please destroy the CD/DVD following installation unless the software subsequently requires access to it. Alternatively we would recommend using a mounted iso file instead of a CD.

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