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How to renew SigmaPlot

This guide explains how to renew a SigmaPlot expired license downloaded from UCL Software Database.

This guide is aimed at...

  • IT Administrators
  • Staff
  • SLMS staff

Before you start...

Before installing, ensure that you have purchased the correct number of licenses. If you have not, then please purchase a license from ISD Purchasing via an Electronic IDT and that you have received a SigmaPlot license file from ISD Purchasing.


1.Ensure that you have received the correct SigmaPlot version license file from ISD Purchasing before proceeding and right-click on the SigmaPlot icon and select run as administrator (even if you have logged in as an administrator).

Right click SigmaPlot icon…

Fig 1 - Right click SigmaPlot icon

2. The UAC security window will come up, click yes to proceed.

UAC Window…

Fig 2 - UAC Window

3. Click Update

License information…

Fig 3 - License information

4. Select License file and browse to the license file that has been sent to you

Update SigmaPlot license…

Fig 4 - Update SigmaPlot license

License updated, restart SigmaPlot…

Fig 5 - License updated, restart SigmaPlot

5. If after restarting SigmaPlot you still receive the license expiry notice do the following.

Go to the C:\ProgramData directory and delete the SafeNet Sentinel directory and all sub directories (make sure hidden items is selected)

Delete SafeNet Sentinel folder…

Fig 6 - Delete SafeNet Sentinel folder

6. Go to the C:\Program Files (x86)\SigmaPlot\SPW13 directory and run:

RUS.exe as an administrator

RUS.exe file location…

Fig 7 - RUS.exe file location

UAC Window…

Fig 8 - UAC Window

7. Click on Apply License File tab > Update File to browse to SigmaPlot license file and Apply license (Note: before selecting license file make sure that the SigmaPlot License information error is closed).

Apply License tab…

Fig 9 - Apply License tab

Update written successfully…

Fig 10 - Update written successfully

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