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How to install Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre for Windows

This guide explains how to install Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre.

This guide explains how to install Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre downloaded from UCL Software Database.

This guide is aimed at...

  • Staff
  • SLMS staff
  • Researchers

Before you start...

The following needs to be downloaded from UCL Software Database.

  • The correct Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre version
  • Take note of the Site Number and Confirm Code contained on the download page of SWDB
  • Read and understood the UCL Information security policy in particular the UCL Computing Regulations (Acceptable Use Policy)


1. Download the appropriate Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre version

2. Open the downloaded Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre .zip file

3. Extract the files to your Windows desktop

4. Click on the .exe file to start the installation process

Fig 1 - Select installation language

Fig 2 - Click next to continue

Click Next to Continue…

Fig 3 - Accept licence agreement

Accept Licence Agreement…

Fig 4 - Select destination folder

Select Destination Folder…

Fig 5 - Select components to be installed

Select Components to be Installed…

Fig 6 - Select file associations

Select File Associations…

Fig 7 - Register later with serial key

Register Later with Serial Key…

Fig 8 - Click next to install

Click Next to Install…

Fig 9 - Click finish to exit

Click Finish to Exit…

5. To register Cambridge Structural Database System, open the Start Menu and search for 'Mercury'
6. Run the Mercury Executable
7. You will be presented with the product registration popup.  If this doesn't popup, you can gain access to it by going to 'Help' and 'Register Mercury' in the menu
8. Enter the Site Number and Confirm Code.  These can be found on the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre download page of SWDB

Fig 10 - Enter site number and confirm code

Enter Site Number and Confirm Code…

Fig 11 - Click ok to exit registration

Click OK to Exit Registration…

9. Delete setup files from desktop

10. Finish

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