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How to add an agreement in SNOW

This guide explains how to add an agreement in SNOW.

This guide is aimed at...

  • IT Administrators

Before you start...

You will need a SNOW user ID, to access this product (this is not your UCL user ID)

Chrome is not recommended for adding agreement in SNOW.


1. When you log into SNOW you will arrive on the Home page showing either a default (Snowboard) or custom dashboard (if created).

snow agrement 1.png

Fig 1 - SNOW Homepage

2. Agreements are added via the agreement form and can be accessed by either of the following 2 options:

  • via the Default Snowboard Shortcuts > Add agreement
  • by the Agreement drop down tab > Add agreement

snow Agreement 2.png

Fig 2 - SNOW Add Agreement form button

3. The first tab of the license form is the Purchase tab, this is where you can do the following:

  • Choose Software Agreement, if not you can not link licenses to Agreement
  • Enter the agreement number
  • Enter the agreement name
  • Subscription agreement - for agreements where we do not own the software
  • Automatic licence upgrades - if licenses can upgrade when the agreement is active
  • Selectable after expiration - The agreement can be selected after it has expired

snow Agreement 8.png

Fig 3 - SNOW Agreement form

4. The Agreement period tab is where you assign licenses to your department/business unit (BU). Click Add new period and choose the dates. To add more periods as you renew the agreement click add new period again.

Add Agreement Periods…

Fig 4 - Agreement period tab

5. The Contact info tab is where you can do the following:

    Enter agreement contact details.

    snow Agreement 5.png

    Fig 5 - Contact info tab

    6. The Alerts tab is where select if you want to be notified in the dashboard when an agreement is about to expiry.

    snow Agreements 6.png

    Fig 6 - Alerts tab

    7. The Documents tab is where you can attach agreement files or any other agreement details to the agreement form

    snow Agreement 7.png

    Fig 7 - Documents tab

    8. The Security tab is where you set security. We recommend you assign your agreement to you departments and tick the Restrict access box.

    snow Agreement 8.png

    Fig 8 - Security tab

    9. Once you have finished and click the save button.

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