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How to Activate Envi for Offsite use

This guide explains how to activate Envi for Windows

This guide explains how to activate Envi for Windows downloaded from UCL Software Database.

This guide is aimed at...

  • IT Administrators
  • Staff
  • SLMS staff
  • Students

Requesting the Keyless Licence file of ENVI for off site use

To request the Licence file follow the instructions below.

1. Obtain HostID of machine.


Go to Start > Programs > Run > and type cmd; click OK to launch command prompt, enter the following:

C:\> ipconfig /all

The HostID is a 12 character Physical Address value for the Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection without hyphens. You will also need the HostID.


Go to Network then Select Built-in Ethernet Click Advanced button and Select Ethernet tab and its the Ethernet ID


Type in /sbin/ifconfig and its the hardware address of eth0;

2. Contact us with the below details:



Operating system:


Email address:

Full name:

You will receive a licence file (ending.txt), save this file in My documents.


4. Select Install a license using one you have received and click Next

Fif 1 - License Wizard
5. Click Browse to import license.dat file

Envi Activation Received License Wizard 2…

Fig 2 - License Wizard

6. Select license.dat file and click Open

Envi Activation Received License Wizard 3…

Fig 3 - License File

7. The following screen shot should show up if activation is successful. Click Finish

Envi Activation Received License Wizard 4…

Fig 4 - License Activated

Activation is Completed

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