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How to access Research Data Storage Service data from UCL's research computing platforms

This guide is for users of the Research Data Storage Service who would like to transfer data from RDS onto UCL's research computing platforms; e.g. Myriad, Grace or Kathleen.

The instructions given here are applicable to Myriad, Grace and Kathleen.

This guide is aimed at...

  • Researchers

Before you start...

You will need accounts on one of the UCL research computing platforms and RDS.


If you’re using the block storage (GPFS), you can ssh into RDS from a computing cluster's login node by typing:

ssh ssh.rd.ucl.ac.uk

or use scp from a login node to copy a file or directory to your current directory on the cluster:

scp –r ssh.rd.ucl.ac.uk:/rd/live/<path to dir> .

Your user name shouldn’t be needed as both RDS and the computing platforms use the same system for user accounts.

If you’re using the iRODS storage on RDS, the iCommands are installed on all clusters.

1. You must first load the icommands module to be able to use them:

 module add icommands

2. A file ~/.irods/irods_environment.json should be auto-generated for you when you first run the module command. If not, you may need to create or modify it yourself.

3. Type iinit to start your irods session.

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