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Find and Join a Yammer Group

Yammer allows you to browse existing groups to view or join as a member. This guide demonstrates how to browse groups, become a member of a public group and request access to a private group.

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1. To find a group, select discover more groups on the bottom-left corner of the Yammer home page.

Fig 1. Discover more groups option within Yammer…

Fig 1. Discover more groups option within Yammer

2. A list of groups will be displayed. By default, Yammer will display groups recommended for you based on your activity or colleagues you work with. To view all groups created within Yammer, select the all groups tab.
To search for a group, select the magnifying glass icon and enter the group name within the provided search box.

If a group is Public, you can view its content by selecting the group thumbnail. If a group is Private, you must request access to the group or be added as a member by the group's owner to view its content. A Private group is indicated by a padlock icon displayed on the thumbnail of the group.

Fig 2. Group list within Yammer…

Fig 2. Group list within Yammer
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3. To become a member or request access to the group, select join on the thumbnail of the group. If the group is Public, you will be added as a member automatically. If the group is Private, a notification will be sent to the owner to approve membership.

Fig 3. Joining a group…

Fig 3. Joining a group

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