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Drupal CMS: Resources

Learn about resources for users editing or building in Drupal.

The following resources may help you create an even better website:

  • Building great websites - a website explaining all the things you need to consider when building a website.
  • LinkedIn Learning -  a huge range of video tutorials supporting learning in software, creative and business skills.
  • Improve accessibility on a website - tips 
  • Colour blindness simulator - upload an image and see what it would look like for people with different types of colour blindness.
  • Hemingway App - helps you reduce the number of words in a piece of dense text
  • Gimp - a cross-platform image manipulator free to download
  • Microsoft Paint or IrfanView image software - both available on UCL Desktop - use these to resize images outside Drupal
  • Add-ons such as Link Checker - you can find these on your browsers e.g. in Firefox it's in Tools | Add-ons - the add-on allows you to check the links on a page - very helpful
  • Let us know if you have any more recommendations - Web Support.

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