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Drupal CMS: Naming convention

Learn about naming conventions in Drupal.

This guide is aimed at

  • Staff
  • PG Students

How to deal with a page of the same name on my site

When you create a page of the same name in Drupal, it will automatically put -0 after the name.
Imagine you have a large departmental site. The site has a staff page called /people.
You now want to add a section for a lab within the department. The lab needs a staff page which you want to call /people as well.

To avoid the page being called /people-0, make sure you give the new page you create a place in the menu for this section BEFORE you publish it.
Alternatively, you could call the page /lab-people.

How to avoid new editors being unable to find files or images

When you upload a new file (e.g. PDF) or image, always make sure you give it an easy to understand and relevant name.


  1. 20130124_ucl_academystudents_0073_aspect_ratio_1610
  2. ucl-academy-students-jan13

Which of the above two images would you find easier to understand and find again if you had to?

When a new editor has to reuse an image or file or find an image or file on a large website, unhelpful naming can be very annoying! 


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