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Create a new folder in Outlook Web Access (OWA)

Manage your mailbox by using folders to store and organise your content. This guide explains how to create folders and transfer messages.

Before you start...

Check your browser compatibility to ensure you meet the minimum requirements for using OWA.


In this example, we will create a new folder at the top level of your account:

1. Within Mail, right-click Folders (located within the left-hand folder list).

2. Select Create new folder.

3. Type in the name of your new folder. It will be placed just below your Inbox.

Tip: To create a sub-folder, use the same steps as above but instead of right-clicking Folders, right--click on the folder that you want to add a sub-folder to instead. Select Create new sub-folder, and continue as above.

Transfer messages

You can transfer messages by simply dragging and dropping from one folder to another. 

1. Ensure that the contents of the folder you wish to move messages from is displayed by selecting it.

2. Now you can simply click on a message and drag it to the folder of your choice.

Tip: Hold down the shift key to select multiple adjacent messages, or the Ctrl key to select multiple non-adjacent messages.

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