Information Services Division


Our culture

Discover our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) and digital accessibility.

Our pledges as EDI Leads​

  1. We have a deep and longstanding commitment to supporting Women in Tech so they can feel supported and thrive.​
  2. We are committed to balancing our gender diversity ratios.​
  3. We are committed to supporting all individuals with disabilities, specifically those with hidden disabilities, in addressing their barriers to success.​
  4. We are committed to using our time more effectively in meetings that are inclusive and efficiently run.​
  5. We are committed to creating a Culture Leads network to ensure that everyone in ISD is responsible for equality, diversity and inclusion.


EDI means to us:​

“Creating an environment where people can excel and advance as their authentic selves"

We do it by:​

“Empowering our team to identify their pain points and being inclusive in how we respond”

Our critical success factor

“Support of ISD's Leadership and UCL EDI”

Our greatest experience so far:​

“Partnering with UCL EDI to deliver a customised training on bullying and harassment. The positive feedback was overwhelming” 

Our favourite thing about ISD:​

“The richness of how different we are and how strongly the team is aligned to the mission of UCL” ​

EDI is close to our hearts because:​

“We believe in diversity of gender, race and abilities as a power to leverage” ​

UCL Women in Tech Forum
Women in Tech Forum​

The Women in Tech Forum​ (WiTF) aims to create a supportive and inclusive community within our organization for women in the field of technology where they can network, seek support and enable each other. ​

​Its primary objectives include: ​

  • Empowering women to optimise their potential. ​
  • Fostering networking opportunities; providing a platform for sharing experiences, insights, opportunities and challenges . ​
  • Identifying and addressing gender-specific issues in the workplace. ​
  • Encouraging mentorship and professional development. ​
  • Collaborating with relevant stakeholders to advocate for gender equality in technology. ​

The Digital Accessibility team
Digital accessibility at UCL ISD –  find out more about the team!

The Digital Accessibility team advises, trains, and supports staff and students across UCL. Our work focusses on making the digital landscape a more accessible space by improving webpages, advising on and writing accessibility statements, and providing resources and training on creating accessible content. ​​

Our approach to embedding digital accessibility into UCL culture is that it is ethical, practical and sustainable to ensure that our colleagues feel supported in adding accessibility measures into their existing workflows. ​

The UCL Digital Accessibility Policy underpins a lot of the work that we do, however a good place to start making UCL a more inclusive place to work is by reading the accessibility fundamentals and implementing small changes in your day to day work.