Information Services Division


How we work

This section offers a comprehensive introduction to ISD's agile working approach, highlighting our governance system for service and delivery. It also showcases key metrics that demonstrate the quality and effectiveness of our services. Furthermore, we shed light on the pivotal role of UCL's Centre of Advanced Research Computing (ARC). While ARC operates as a distinct department, its collaboration with ISD is integral to our combined efforts to support advanced research computing needs.
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Governance and change portfolio

Navigate the framework that ensures our transparent and accountable decision-making.

Two people at TI Planning looking at a screen

Agile and Termly Increment (TI) Planning

Discover our dynamic approach to planning and continuous improvement.

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Service management

Find out more about our commitment to excellence and service delivery benchmarks.

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Centre for Advanced Research Computing (ARC)

Step into the forefront of computational research and innovation – meet ARC.