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Digital Strategy - under development

UCL is a very large, global top 10 research intensive university that provides mission-critical Digital Services for c. 80,000 students, staff and external users​.

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The UCL Strategic Plan 2022–27 sets the context for a Digital Strategy and lays out much of the important work that needs to be done over the next 3–4 years.

Over the next five years, and by 2027, we plan to have: 

Amplified our ability to coordinate and build upon our research and education strengths, and our own operations, in five areas of significant societal challenge.

Demonstrated clear progress towards an institutional culture of openness and inclusion, including by creating the conditions that enable difficult, sensitive and important questions to be discussed and navigated collectively.

Invested in those administrative functions that make the greatest difference to our institutional success, with demonstrable improvements in the time staff and students spend on administrative and transactional work.

Streamlined our education offering for the benefit of staff and students, with a new programme architecture and potentially a new structure for the teaching year, and reduced the impact of structural complexity on the workloads of our staff

Better coordinated our support for all involved in education.

Delivered long-term financial resilience, with transparent planning for investment in academic areas of promise. 


Elements of the Digital Strategy

In creating a Digital Strategy (currently under development) we are developing a strategic roadmap of digital work for 2022–27, and a blueprint for how this fits together to realise the most value for UCL​.


  • University Management Committee (UMC).
  • Change and Digital Portfolio Review Committee (CDPRC).

Responds to:

  • Challenges in the digital experience.
  • The UCL Strategic Plan, and other emerging themes (sector trends, user numbers, etc.)

Will contain:

  • A blueprint that shows the future technology state;
  • A Strategic Plan showcasing our core shifts and roadmaps to deliver the Strategy, and agreed principles that will guide our work.

Co-creates with Digital Strategy User Group

The Digital Strategy User Group represents the users in our community, and partners with the strategy team to ensure the digital strategy is practical, user-focused, and aligned with the needs of our community.

Collaborates with Digital Strategy Expert Group

The Digital Strategy Expert Group represents expertise in strategy and digital within our community and beyond. They provide an objective expert eye on strategic thinking and the digital function.