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Beacon Bursaries awarded to IoO and Slade School of Fine Art joint project

16 December 2020

IoO's Dr Emily Patterson and UCL Slade School of Fine Art's Jo Guile were selected in the latest round of the Beacon Bursary public engagement funding scheme.

Beacon Bursary project

Dr Emily Patterson is a Research Fellow at the IoO and Jo Guile is an Artist and Technician at the Slade School of Fine Art.

They have co-designed a series of workshops with Into Focus, an East London charity-funded organisation specialising in photography. They will be running these workshops, which explore the science, art, and experience of colour within Tower Hamlets.

The joint project "Red, Green, Blue, East" has developed through a collaboration that was formed during UCL Culture’s Trellis programme and will culminate with a public art exhibition. 

Image for project

image for Red, Blue, Green, East