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Standing Projects

Cerebellar ataxia

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Vestibular control of standing

  • Vestibular processes

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  • Cognitive inputs

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  • Interaction with load

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  • Interaction with vision

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  • Interaction with proprioception

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  • Impact of stroke

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  • Parkinson's disease

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Orthostatic tremor

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Other diseases

Abdel-Aziz, K., Schneider, T., Solanky, B.S., Yiannakas, M.C., Altmann, D.R., Wheeler-Kingshott, C.A.M., Peters, A.L., Day, B.L., Thompson, A.J., Ciccarelli, O. (2015). Evidence for early neurodegeneration in the cervical cord of patients with primary progressive multiple sclerosis. Brain pii: awv086

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