UCL Institute of Neurology



JW Sander, A Nelligan, G Bell , SD Shorvon

The study of epilepsy in the community is important in understanding the causes of the condition and impact of the treatment and in planning the delivery of healthcare.

We have continued epidemiological studies of epilepsy in the People’s Republic of China and Brazil. We are looking into several aspects of epilepsy in the Republic of Georgia and in Kenya . Studies into the aetiological risk factors of epilepsy in Brazil , Kenya , China and India are continuing. We are following up a large cohort of patients with epilepsy to ascertain the risk of cancer co-morbidity, either as a result of exposure to antiepileptic drugs or to common genetic predisposition. Studies of the risk of drowning and suicide amongst people with epilepsy are currently being carried out.

We are in final stages of planning a follow-up study of the National General Practice of Epilepsy Cohort to determine long-term seizure outcome and mortality in a population-based cohort of newly diagnosed patients now followed for 20 years.

We are planning an assessment of primary care led epilepsy services in Kent.

see also National General Practice Study of Epilepsy and Epileptic Seizures (NGPSE)