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How to apply?

All studies adopted by the LWENC CRF must be approved by the Protocol Review Board (PRB) which meets monthly and includes the CRF Director, Senior Operational Manager, Lead Nurse and representatives from supporting departments, including Pharmacy, the JRO, and the CSF Laboratory.

For a copy of the current version of the application form please get in touch with Raj Khengar (r.khengar@ucl.ac.uk) or Kerry Guile (kerry.guile@uclh.nhs.uk). Informal enquires about the feasibility of your study being run at the CRF are also welcome.

Completed application forms must be received a minimum of one week prior to the meeting. Failure to complete the correct version of the form or submitting an incomplete form may invalidate your application.

The PI or their delegate will be invited to attend the review session, present the study to the PRB and answer any questions that arise during review. The main areas discussed during the review process include:

  • Suitability for inclusion on to the CRF portfolio (study type and therapeutic area)
  • Resource requested, including bed/space usage and staff support
  • Any complex procedures/interventions involved
  • Recruitment rate, target and study population
  • Feasibility
  • Financial implications

An important aspect of the PRB meeting is to identify any foreseeable issues with running your study with us and to make the set up of your study as efficient as possible. Adoption is subject to available resource and whether your study is suitable for inclusion on to the CRF portfolio. The outcome of the meeting is usually forwarded to the PI and study team within two weeks.

Dates for upcoming PRB meetings are as follows:

Month Meeting date Submission deadline
Mar 16 25/03/16 18/03/16
Apr 16 22/04/16 15/04/16
May 16 27/05/16 20/05/16
Jun 16 24/06/16 17/06/16
Jul 16 22/07/16 15/07/16

Please note that PRB meeting dates are subject to change, please check this page regularly for any updates.