UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology


Partner Facilities


We work together with a variety of departments across UCLH, including local NHNN departments at Queen Square.


The Pharmacy department at NHNN and the central UCLH Pharmacy supports the CRF for research studies that involve IMP administration. Drugs are stored at 24/7 temperature controlled conditions and are monitored by an alarm system for any excursions. A dedicated clinical trial pharmacist oversees all research studies adopted by the LWENC CRF.


Neuroradiological services including PET and MRI for clinical research studies adopted by the LWENC CRF are provided by radiology departments located at NHNN, UCLH and the Cancer Institute. These facilities are supported by an expert team of specialist neuroradiologists. If your study requires specialised imaging, the CRF can help to identify suitable facilities to meet your needs.