UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology


CRF Laboratory


The CRF houses a small laboratory for the preparation and immediate processing of samples obtained within the facility. Samples can be further transported to study specific central laboratories for further analysis and storage.

We also work closely with the Neuroimmunology and CSF Laboratory (NICL) and the Leonard Wolfson Biomarker Lab (LWBL), based at the Institute of Neurology. The NICL is a CPA accredited reference laboratory that provides an analytical and specialist neuroimmunology service across the UK and abroad. The LWBL is an official arm of the LWENC which is involved in the analysis of biomarkers in neurodegeneration. 

Staff and researchers wishing to use CRF laboratory are required to undertake an induction with our dedicated CRF Laboratory Manager. Training in proper handling of laboratory equipment and standard laboratory practices is provided to encourage familiarity, confidence and competency and ensure that GCLP and GCP standards are maintained.