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What matters in education?

A panel discussion seminar series asking new questions about how research, policy and practice can best interact to empower educators and create an education system that works for all.

Jointly hosted by IOE and the ESRC Education Research Programme (ERP), the ‘What matters in education?’ panel discussions will spark new thinking across education, social research and the wider social sciences on how research, policy and practice can most productively interact.

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A mix of speakers from research, policymaker, public, professional or third and private sector backgrounds will consider an educational topic that matters for different stakeholder groups:  parents, families and pupils as well as practitioners, policymakers and researchers. 

Speakers will reflect on what they know and understand about that issue from their own working context. Audience Q&A will clarify differences in approach, knowledge gaps that need to be filled and an agenda for educational change that would benefit from partnership working.

See the briefing notes for the seminar series.

Upcoming events

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Past events

Seminar topics for 2023-24

  • Pupil absence: Questions for policy, for research and in practice
  • Teacher recruitment, retention and development – rethinking policy and practice priorities 
  • More or less technology in the classroom – the value and purposes of technology use in school settings
  • Democratic decision-making in education: whose knowledge counts in an increasingly crowded public sphere?
  • Education in a broken welfare state – what role do schools play in supporting community resilience?
  • One size fits all or productive policy divergence? Education policy borrowing and policy learning in the four nations and jurisdictions of the UK
  • Practical policies or bright ideas? How particular topics get to the front of the policy queue
  • Fair funding for schools – the issues that need addressing in an age of austerity.

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