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Teacher recruitment, retention and development – rethinking policy and practice priorities

03 July 2023, 5:30 pm–7:00 pm

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Teacher recruitment, retention and development are global issues. Yet governments have struggled to find effective and sustainable solutions to this crisis. In this panel discussion, policymakers, researchers and practitioners debate what attracts teachers to join the profession, what encourages them to leave and the best ways to address the current staffing crisis in UK schools.

This event is free.

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Education Research Programme

Where have things gone wrong

Governments remain divided over what are the most effective solutions to the workforce challenge.  Yet without clarity on the underlying issues, the solutions offered risk making things worse.  In this first event in the What Matters in Education? panel discussion series, speakers consider where things have gone wrong and how to put them right. 


What Matters in Education? Panel Discussion Series

This series is jointly organised by the UCL Institute of Education Pro-Director Research and the ESRC Education Research Programme (ERP). It aims to spark new thinking across education, social research and the wider social sciences on how research, policy and practice can most productively interact.  

Events will be online. Recordings and a summary of the key questions the debate raised will be made available on the ERP website afterwards.

Co-Chair: Professor Gemma Moss, Director, ESRC Education Reserach Programme, Professor of Literacy at the UCL Institute of Education

Co-Chair: Professor Lynn Ang, Pro-Director and Vice-Dean Research at the UCL Institute of Education

Moderator: Dr Becky Taylor, Academic Head of Engagement and Impact at the UCL Institute of Education


About the Speakers

Rt Hon. David Laws

Executive Chairman at Education Policy Institute

Peter Kent

President at International Confederation of Principals

Qing Gu

Professor of Leadership in Education and Director of The UCL Centre for Educational Leadership at UCL Institute of Education

Mary Bousted

Joint General Secretary at National Education Union (NEU)