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Q&A with Hadiya Julius

Hadiya was a Citizenship PGCE student, class of 2024. She tells us about her experience studying at IOE.

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What is it like to study teacher training at IOE?

With the sessions at IOE, as well as the school placements, you really are equipped in the best possible way.

No two sessions at IOE would be the same – I found that many of the sessions were very interactive, and we had a broad range of external speakers coming in to share their experiences as well as attending multiple trips, including a special needs school, the Houses of Parliament (course dependent) and the British Film Institute (where we actually watched films!)

I felt this was very well planned out and gave everybody an opportunity to not only gain a better understanding but to develop further teaching knowledge.

We were all able to relate to different aspects of these events in our own personal way.

What did you enjoy most about your Citizenship PGCE year?

I thoroughly enjoyed my time studying at IOE. I enjoyed the content of the course particularly.

The course really does prepare you for teaching in so many ways. I think I underestimated the depth of the course to begin with and was quite anxious about aspects I’d had little to no experience of.

There were sessions on practically everything – planning, assessments, behaviour, pastoral care, SEN, dealing with controversial issues… The list goes on. 

Can you tell us about your experiences at your placement school(s)?

Although I enjoyed spending time with the students at my placement schools, I also loved attending class at IOE and seeing the students on my course. It was always nice to catch up and share our experiences and encourage one another.

I thought the contrast in placement schools was very beneficial and helps you develop an understanding of what type of school you would like to teach in. The school I am currently working in is very similar to my first placement school which is what I wanted. However, there are many key benefits that I can take from School Experience 2 (SE2).

I had very supportive mentors during my school placements and my university tutor was amazing and always made himself available to help whenever I needed it, whether I was struggling with assignments, planning, motivation, or just general wellbeing.

What advice would you give to new students on the programme?

The advice I would give to new students is to be kind to yourself and believe in yourself. Most of us have suffered from imposter syndrome at some point and doubted our confidence, but believe you can do it and you will. I really believe that because I am an example.

I would also say to make sure you speak to the people around you, so you don’t feel alone - your university tutor, university peers, school mentors, family, friends etc.

It is important, and it’s encouraging to know you’re not alone.

Overall, I would recommend the course to anyone who would like to become a teacher because in addition to the personal growth and confidence you develop, the content and delivery of the PGCE is second to none.

Last updated 14 February 2024.